Helvetia 10k 2010 – Kim Wood

This was my FIRST trail run and my FIRST 10K.  I can’t image there would have been any better way to experience these firsts!  Getting to Helvetia was an adventure but the run made everything worth it.

It was a spur of the moment decision to run.  I found the details of the race online on Friday night.  Saturday evening my family and I headed to Richwood, my hometown, so we would be a little closer for the drive Sunday morning.  We awoke at 4:30 in order to be there before the 8:30 cutoff for registration.  We began our early morning drive but we were stopped in our tracks at Cowen when we got a flat.  By flashlight we changed the tire and proceeded through the mountains on our spare and hoped it would hold up throughout the mountain passes.

We were running late and contemplated a few “shortcuts” my father knew but, given the fact that we were running on only three good tires we kept to the paved roads and moved on.  We arrived in Helvetia after the 8:30 cutoff but everyone there was understanding and still let me register. (Thank you) There were no 2010 shirts, but I will still wear the 2009 Helvetia 10K Mountain Run shirt with pride.  (Actually, I’m going to wear it for my workout today!)

As I said, this was my first 10K so I was really running my own race.  I pack was way ahead of me and no one else was close but I wasn’t alone.  I had the creek, the birds and the trees.  I couldn’t have asked for better company.  The scenery was beautiful!

I didn’t earn one of the beautiful pieces of pottery that were awarded Sunday but now I have a PR for a 10K (something I wasn’t sure I would ever have), a new found love of trail running, and a reason to come back to Helvetia every September!

Thank you,
Kim Wood