We are always looking for volunteers to assist at our races and cannot put on our events without you. Volunteers play an essential role in making WVMTR events fun, safe, and memorable! Many of our volunteers are family, friends, and fellow trail runners, but truly anyone can volunteer. It’s no secret that our volunteers like to have a little fun out on the course by making aid station themes, unique cheering routines, and much more. While volunteers are not monetarily compensated, they are rewarded with food, drink, sometimes gear, always the satisfaction of spending a day in the woods supporting our athletes, and other perks. Grab a friend and come enjoy the great outdoors with the WVMTR community!

Please read the list of volunteer role descriptions below and complete the contact form at the bottom to volunteer at any of the upcoming WVMTR events.

Aid Station Captain

Aid Station Captains are responsible all operations and rules pertaining to a particular aid station. Captains will coordinate with the Race Director to plan and provide necessary supplies of food, hydration, and equipment as well as transportation of said supplies to the aid station location. They are responsible for setting up and breaking down an aid station and returning all equipment and supplies to the Finish Line. Captains are in charge of coordinating worker shift for longer races (if necessary). Captains have the freedom (and encouragement!) to create a theme, decorate, provide music, or develop any other fun ideas for their aid station. Captains, and all Aid Station Workers, are responsible for enforcing cut off times and other restrictions of a particular race.

Aid Station Worker

Aid Station Workers are under the complete management of the Aid Station Captain. Each aid station will need between 2 and 6 Workers, depending on the size of the race, and size of the aid station. Workers are responsible for assisting all race participants equally and fairly. Workers may need to refill water bottles, packs, handout food, retrieve drop bags, provide directions, and many other things for participants. Workers are also responsible for preparing and restocking food and drinks, keeping the aid station clean of debris, and assisting in setup, breakdown, and transportation of the aid station. Workers also may be responsible for tracking race participants and their times electronically or hand written. All Aid Station Workers, and Aid Station Captains, are responsible for enforcing cut off times and other restrictions of a particular race.

Course Sweeping

Course Sweepers are in charge of following the race course behind the last participant to
1) Ensure all participants are safe and on course,
2) Collect trash from the race course,
3) Remove all (or selected) course markings.
Sweepers may be responsible for the entire course or smaller sections, and will coordinate with other Sweepers to ensure every section is covered. Sweepers may need to run or walk with a pack to carry all course markings and trash.

Race Set-Up / Break-Down

Volunteers may assist the Race Director in setup and breakdown of all race equipment. This work involves erecting tents, tables, chairs, and the Finish Line, setting up banners, speakers, and other electronics. After the race, all equipment and supplies must be returned to their proper bins and loaded into trailers or vehicles. These volunteers may also assist at Aid Stations in setup or breakdown.


Volunteers assist in participant registration and check-in. They are responsible for issuing bib numbers and race packets on either race day or the previous day (depending on the race). Volunteers may be responsible for money transactions for race-day registration.

Race Timing

Volunteers are responsible for timing participants at the Finish Line. This may be done either manually or electronically, and also may require tracking bib numbers. Volunteers must be constantly attentive to the Finish Line, as participants may finish in large groups or separated by large time intervals.

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