Luna Run 2018 Success

Lune Run 2018 Coffee Mug

The Luna Run of 2018 was a success. We had 12 people do the run. I’m very excited to report we had about 3-4 people who this run was their first trail run ever. One of them, a high school friend David Crites knew, learned about the race WHILE we were marking it just hours before the race. Then he shows up and runs the race, very exciting.

It wasn’t without its stresses. I want to give a shout out to the wonderful people who helped me put on this little race. Thank you Ashley Dolin for coming to my rescue when i ran out of marking tape half way through marking the course. Ashley Dolin and Mike Dolin for answering all my RD questions and concerns.

Thank you David Crites for helping me flag the course and coming and hang out with me during and after the run. You sacrificed a significant amount of your time, thank you. Oh, and you got the ice.

Thank you Adam Casseday and West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners for allowing me to RD this run and allowing it to come back from the dead, even if it was little, it IS special. It introduced more people to the sport, West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners, and their community.

A very big shout out to my parents. Billie Marie Barrow Gibbs and Joe Gibbs. Not only did they watch my kids, they used their business Gibbs Retail Systems to give away the following at the race:

— 4 Gift cards totalling $300 to Robert’s Running and Walking Shop
— Custom Coffee Mugs for each participant- See picture.
— A discount using their business’s relationship with Gino’s Pizza & Spaghetti House for the post race pizza.

Thanks everyone for helping me in putting on this fun night run! Looking forward to 2019.