WVMTR Race Preparedness and Safety Planning Guide

This Planning Guide was discontinued on 10/20/2022. These policies are no longer in effect.

The WVMTR Board of Directors has adopted a Preparedness and Safety Planning Guide for hosting club sponsored races and events. The Board has adopted a set of guidelines that all WVMTR events and races must follow. The WVMTR Event Waiver also has been updated to include language specific to COVID-19.

Guidelines for Holding WVMTR Events
Until further notice, any races that meet criteria to proceed must have a COVID Mitigation Plan presented to the WVMTR Board of Directors that must include, but is not limited to:

  • The event will only proceed if the existing WVMTR race director primarily desires to proceed with the event direction entrusted to them by the WVMTR Board of Directors.
  • Social distancing is required at the start and finish
  • Socially distant award ceremonies.
  • Masks available for runners and volunteers that wish to utilize them.
  • Limited indoor activities for participants
  • Hand sanitizer available at all aid stations
  • Self-serve aid stations with prepackaged food options
  • Mandatory for runners to self-report to the race director any new onset COVID-like symptoms (fever, cough, loss of taste/smell, etc.) and/or exposure. Full refund will be given to runners who self-report prior to or on race day.
  • Agreement to adhere to suggested COVID-19 guidelines from local authorities.

Club supported fun run guidelines:

  • All participants must complete the updated waiver with the communicable disease exclusion.
  • Participants and organizer/s must follow the club COVID mitigation plan (above).

Our policies are informed by the state and federal guidelines put forth by the WV DHHR and CDC. Please stay up-to-date by visiting their websites for more information.

The goal of the WVMTR is to encourage running and the healthy, positive qualities that running encompasses.

See you on the trail,
WVMTR Board of Directors and Race Directors