BoD Candidates 2019

Adam Casseday
Adam Casseday is the current WVMTR Club President and resides in Elkins with his wife Kadra and two sons.  Adam is the co-race director (alongside Dan Lehmann) of Highlands Sky and the WV Trilogy.  Casseday states that the reason he is seeking to remain on the WVMTR BOD is, "Our running club is a large part of who I am.  I enjoy being part of our leadership and helping to guide our club toward our mission of encouraging running and the healthy, positive qualities that it encompasses.  I want to continue to be a part of the positive momentum that we have going in our state."
Ashley Dolin
I am Ashley Dolin and I am "running" for WVMTR Board of Directors again. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the BOD previously and look forward to serving another term if elected. I have been running since 1995, married a runner, help host the Frozen Sasquatch 25k/50k, and share my passion for the trails with our children. I pray you and your family develop a deep appreciation of what all trail running can do for you individually and as a unit. I look forward to serving our fine club any way possible and will see you on the trails soon. 
Charlotte Johnson
I ran my first WVMTR race in 2014, and upon arriving at the race site felt welcomed.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and shortly after ended up moving to make West Virginia my home.  Seneca Creek Backcountry can have that effect on you!  From that first race on I have been welcomed into the WVMTR family, which came with so much support and friendship.  I would like to give back some of that support to the club, and become more involved, which is why I decided to run for the BOD.
Bob Luther
In 2012, I ran my first trail race at the Kanawha Trace 50K. Since then, whether running or volunteering, my family and I have been introduced to the best places and people in the Mountain State through WVMTR. If allowed, I look forward to playing a larger role in WVMTR's efforts to encourage the “healthy, positive qualities that running encompasses."  
Andrew Rhodes
My name is Andrew Rhodes. I started running cross county in high school, then participating in WVMTR events around 2011, and have been a lifetime member since 2014. Running to me is an exercise of inspiration and exploration. Experiencing the performance that the human body exhibits during running is inspiring -- all the muscles, lungs, eyes, arms and legs working synchronously. Running, especially trail running, allows me to explore parts of the wilderness usually allocated to only wild animals. With this nomination, I look forward to bringing my excitement about running to the board, club, and everyone else interested in exploring their trail running interest.
Julie Tisone

I moved to Virginia 17 years ago from New Mexico. Luckily, I found WVMTR in the early months that I moved here. You all have been my family away from home. I have always felt so welcome and a part of this running community. I love how WVMTR celebrates each runner at their own level. I love the inclusiveness of this group. I love the variety of races and events that happen through WVMTR.

Running has crept into my life. I didn’t start running until I had my first baby and it was a quick, easy workout. Now today I coach HS cross country and track. I help lead running clinics in the winter and summer. I help at a running camp in Michigan for teens. I love to encourage the joy of running.

I would love to be on the WVMTR board and help promote running and encourage everyone to find the joy in running!