HS 40M 2006 – Dennis Hamrick

I wanted to thank everyone with the Highland Sky 40 mile. I had a very tough May with the loss of my Dad. The race provided me with the chance to see my friends and view some of the best scenery in the world. I did not finish the race, but I was very pleased with my effort.

I have always thought of running and life in the same way: It’s not how far you have to go….it’s how far you have already been. My Dad taught me many lessons when I was young. I did not realize what they meant until later in life. Ultra runs combine the young and old, the new comer and the seasoned vetran. We share our life stories on the trail and take away new ones to tell at the next event. We learn what we are capable of doing and some times we reach our limits before the race is over.

My Dad ran the good race. He reached his finish line on May 21, 2006. That was his limit. During the Highland Sky, I saw the azaleas in full bloom. I saw the huckleberry and teaberry bushes awakening. I saw what my Dad had taught me about life. Enjoy every minute and be thankful for what’s right in front of you.

Thanks to everyone for a great event. Hope to see everyone at the Rattlesnake 50k on July 8.

Author: Dennis