The 2017 Highlands Sky 40 Mile Trail Run: A Race Report

There wasn’t a bit of chill in the morning air as I zipped shut the tent of my husband and four-year-old daughter at the Canaan Valley Resort campground. I walked into the darkness, headed to the resort’s lodge to board the bus to the starting line of the Highlands Sky Trail Run. If it was warm in the valley at 4:00 a.m., would it be cooler at 4,000 feet …

Highlands Sky 2016 Race Report – Jeff Suvak

Highland Sky 2016!!!!!!!!!!! May I start by saying that it is a privilege to experience some of the most beautiful country and people in the world! To me, the area is semi secret, I treat this as an invite by local folks to share…

A Run Across The Sky – Race Report

Highlands Sky 2016

2016 Highlands Sky 40M

Lucas Warner Race Report 2016

Growing up with the Highlands Sky 40 Mile Trail Run in my back yard, it has grown from a source of bewilderment when I first learned about it as a high school runner, to a source of home county pride and a personal aspiration….

Highlands Sky and Crying Thighs


Highlands Sky 2014 Report – Susan Hall

I slept great the night before Highlands Sky. I woke up thinking there is nowhere else I would rather be. It was a wonderful run day with cool temperatures in the morning (low 50’s high 66). Gary Smith and I ran almost the entire…

Skin and Bones