Highlands Sky 2011 – Caroline Williams

Highlights of my Seventh Highlands Sky 40 on June 18, 2011

1. Having confidence at the start line for a strong race, not just a mere finish.

2. Seeing my friends running and helping at the race. It’s always about the people.

3. Noticing kazillions of Mountain Laurels along the tough and beautiful course.

4. Enduring a blow to my right side (rib area) early in the race, and being able to continue with plan B. Good thing that I didn’t fall harder!

5. Running most of the road-across-the-sky—making it seem a lot shorter than earlier years.

6. Finishing. I now have four finishes and three DNFs—more finishes than not!

Special thanks to Beth Weisenborn who immediately after witnessing my fall, uttered the words, “tough broad.” Encouragers need to be encouraged as well. I don’t know you well at all, yet you had just the right words for me at the most critical time. I was also moved to read Joanne Fenninger’s report, briefly hear Marty Lindemann’s experience, and witness Diane Taylor racing toward the finish line! What a day!