Course Description

Canary in the Cave 25k+

Aid Stations

The three aid stations will provide water, and electrolyte drink, and a variety of food and carbohydrates.

Aid Stations
From To Section Miles Cumulative Miles
Start # 1 ~ 4.3 ~4.3
# 1 # 2 ~ 5.2 ~ 9.5
# 2 # 3 ~ 4 ~ 13.5
# 3 Finish ~ 2.8 ~ 16.3


Arrowhead Trails [Map]

Elevation Profile [Map]


This course is held on the Arrowhead trails surrounding the Fayetteville Town Park. Trail intersections are referenced by letters in parenthesis, for example (A) or (B), which are also shown on the map.

Start to Aid # 1
From the start line, turn RIGHT onto Park Drive and go 1/4 mile. Then turn RIGHT onto the gravel road which leads to the National Park Service trailhead. Cross the parking lot and enter the woods. Turn RIGHT onto the Park Loop Trail. Take the first RIGHT onto the Fayetteville Trail. At the bottom of the hill, turn LEFT to cross a bridge over Wolf Creek. At the next intersection, make a sharp LEFT to stay on the Fayetteville Trail. Stay straight at the next intersection to stay on the Fayetteville Trail. Stay on straight on the gravel road. Turn LEFT onto Dalton (A). Continue on Dalton until you reach (H).

Aid # 1 to Aid # 2
Turn RIGHT onto Craig Branch Trail briefly. Take first LEFT onto Adena. RIGHT on Clovis (E). Continue past the trailhead. At intersection (C)* stay straight across the ditch then make a slight right onto Dalton. Continue on Dalton at (M) stay straight on a connector trail. Turn RIGHT on Adena (G). End at (H).

Aid # 2 to Aid # 3
Turn RIGHT onto Craig Branch Trail (H). Turn LEFT onto Kaymoor Trail. At the Kaymoor Mine site turn LEFT and ascend the Kaymoor Miners Trail.

Aid # 3 to Finish
This section is the same as the first 2.8 miles of the course. Turn RIGHT and follow the gravel road back to the Fayetteville Trail. Go straight at the intersection with the Long Point Trail and turn RIGHT at the junction with the Timber Ridge Trail. Cross the metal bridge and turn RIGHT to climb back up to the Park Loop Trail and turn LEFT on to it. Exit the woods and cross over the gravel parking area. Turn RIGHT onto the paved loop to the FINISH.

* This is probably the most confusing intersection. When you arrive at (C) there are 3 options. Farthest to the left continues on Clovis. The other 2 options are both the Dalton trail. The farthest to the right (you would almost have to turn directly around) takes you back to Kaymoor top). The trail you want is the one in the middle!!