Old Details

Mountain State Trail Run Series

These details are no longer active. They were used for the MSTR Series from 2004-2009.

MSTR Series 2004-2008

It’s great to have personal goals and we all have our own individual levels of competiveness however this series is about more than overall titles. Come on out to support participating races and their causes, enjoy some great WV trail running venues/scenery and socialize with a great network of participants.


Registration is free, but Series participants must complete a simple registration form. You must submit the registration before running in order for points will be counted. You may enter the Series at any time, but races run prior to completing the registration will not be counted in your score. Points will not be awarded retroactively. Once registered you are registered for the entire Series. Registration forms will also be available on race day.

Point and Scoring System

Points per race are a summation of the following three factors:

Finish Place Points: Points based on percentile place in overall finish. For example, if you are first you earn 100 pts. If you are 30th in a 60 person race you earn 51 pts. If you are 27th in a 100 person race you earn 74 pts. Percentiles are rounded up.

Mileage Points: Earn one point for each mile in the race. Races measured in kilometer races are converted to miles and rounded up.

WVMTR Member Points: Earn 3 points by being a member in good standing on date of race. New members welcome! Visit the membership page for more information.

Final Series scores will be composed of your four (4) highest individual race scores. You must run a minimum of three (3) races to be considered in the final Series scoring. In the event of a tie score in any Award Category, place will be awarded by the runner with the higher total Series score.

For the purpose of this Series and age group classifications, your “age” will be that on the date of the first race.


New for 2009: the overall male and female Series champion will receive free entry into 2009 MSTR Series participating races and a Garmin Forerunner 205 personal trainer! A door prize drawing will be held at each race allowing the opportunity for participants of all ages/abilities to win!

Awards will be presented to overall winners and age group winners as described below. These awards will not be duplicated.

Special recognition will be given to those die hard trail runners who complete all of the MSTR Series races. These awards may be duplicated with the overall or age group awards.

MSTR Series Male and Female
Age Category Number of Places
Overall 1st, 2nd
39 & under 1st, 2nd
40-49 1st, 2nd
50+ 1st, 2nd
Special Awards
Finishers Award Complete all MSTR Series races.