Mountain State Trail Run Series

All Year 2020

WVMTR is proud to offer an event to challenge the most active of runners. The Mountain State Trail Run Series strings together all of our races into one long competition lasting the whole year. Successful participants will see single track trails, waterfalls, stream crossings, the New River Gorge Bridge, running dogs, Sasquatch, and more! They’ll run on frozen ground in January, on hot summer days in August, camp on the highest mountain in WV, and celebrate in a Swiss festival.

Finish at least five (5) WVMTR races throughout the calendar year and you’ll receive a custom WVMTR pint glass! The number of qualifiers is unlimited, and any combination of WVMTR races qualify. Do you have what it takes to complete the Series and earn the reward? We hope so, and that you have fun doing it too!