Course Description

Helvetia 10k Mountain Run

Aid Stations

The two aid stations only carry water.

Aid Stations
From To Section Miles Cumulative Miles
Start 2M Finish / 10k # 1 2 2
# 1 # 2 2.5 4.5
# 2 Finish 1.7 6.2




Start to Aid # 1
The first 2 miles are flat along the banks of the Buckhannon River. Begin down Pickens Road from the Helvetia post office towards the Hutte Restaurant. Turn left at the Hutte on to Helvetia-Adolph Road and run the road on the bank of the Buckhannon River for about 0.9 miles. Turn left over a wooden bridge, and on to the gravel road used by the original swiss settlers. There will be someone here to signal the runners. Run the Old Helvetia Road until returning to the post office.

Aid # 1 to Aid # 2
The next 2.5 miles is a gradual climb of 750 feet along Upper Trout Run to a scenic hilltop, hence the name Mountain Run! Turn right onto Pickens Road and pass the post office. Run about 0.6 miles on the road along Upper Trout Run. Turn right onto the gravel Karlen Road. Stay right at the gravel road split in 1 mile. Take another right on the Clay Hill, which is guarded by the Swiss Coat of Arms of Bern depicting a bear! Ascend Clay Hill until it meets Zumbach Road.

Aid # 2 to Aid Finish
The last 1.7 miles quickly descends Zumbach Road back to Helvetia.