Course Description

Highlands Sky 40M

Monongahela National Forest & Canaan Valley State Park
Davis, WV
June 20, 2020
Start: 6:00 am

Aid Stations

There are 8 aid stations throughout the course. Station 1 will only have water and Endure Fuel sport drink. Stations 2-8 will in a mix of utlra-run cuisine such as pb&j, fruit, cookies, pretzels, chips, potatoes, candy, soup if it’s cold, salt, Tailwind, Coke, Mt. Dew and more. There will be no gels at the aid stations. If you have specific needs please come prepared.

40M Aid Stations
From To Section Miles Cumulative Miles
Start # 1
Ebaugh’s Barn
2.4 2.4
# 1 # 2
Gas Line
8.1 10.5
# 2 # 3
Forest Rd 70
5.5 16
# 3 # 4
Dolly Sods
3.7 19.7
# 4 # 5
Road Across The Sky
3 22.7
# 5 # 6
Bear Rocks
4.3 27
# 6 # 7
5.9 32.9
# 7 # 8
Freeland Road
4 36.9
# 8 Finish 4.1 41


Trilogy Book

Section 1: Aid #1-#2 [Map]

Section 2: Aid #3-#4 [Map]

Section 3: Aid #5 [Map]

Section 4: Aid #6 [Map]

Section 5: Aid #7 [Map]

Section 6: Aid #8 [Map]

Section 7: To Finish [Map]

Google Map [Map]

Small Overview [Map]

3D Course [Map]

Elevation Profile [Map]

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40M Course [Relive]


Highlands Sky and the Ol’ Man

The point to point course begins near the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area on Red Creek in Laneville, WV. Following a 2 mile paved section, the trail ascends to Roaring Plains, Flatrock Plains and Red Creek Plains into Dolly Sods. The course proceeds north along the Allegheny Front to Bear Rocks. Here runners will turn west crossing Dolly Sods to the rim of Canaan Valley north of Timberline Ski Resort. A descent through Timberline leads to Freeland Rd and into Canaan Valley State Park. This is not an easy ultra, but very rewarding when completed!The course climbs a total of 5474 feet and descends 4856 feet and is basically in three sections; the Plains, the Road Across the Sky, and Dolly Sods. Two significant climbs occur in the first 15 miles where a 2500′ ascent is followed by a 1700′ descent, and then another 1200′ climb. In the first half of the course highly technical (rocky), single track sections occur from mile 7-11 and 16-18. The Dolly Sods section has an exciting boulder-hopping stretch from mile 30-31. The course is 75% trail, 15% Forest Service road, and 10% paved road. There are eight aid stations. You should carry fluids and fuel due to remote location and distance between of some of the stations.