Course Description

KT Darkness Falls 10k / 5k

Scare Zones

There are 6 to 7 scare zones throughout the 3.5 mile course. These scare zones will be made up of volunteers, and scouts. The zones will be stationed on parts of the trail where the terrain and footing is optimal for safety of our runners and our volunteer scarers. We expect that some children will decide to run the course and we will make sure that the scarers are not too monstrous.

The zombies, evil clowns, and whatever else you encounter will not be allowed to touch a runner. The same goes for the runner, please do not harm our volunteers. Please keep in mind that the runners head lamps will occasionally blind our scarers. So please make sure you safely navigate around them. For the 7 mile runners you only have to worry about being scared the first 3.5 miles. The last 3.5 miles are be scare free… or will it. Muhahha, Muhaha!!

Chicken Run

The rumor is that there are several chickens out there afraid to run through the scare zones. We are going to be putting in several Chicken Routes. These bypasses will route around most of the scare zones. Being a chicken does come with a price, harder course and the chicken outfit required to wear might slow you down. Okay, no outfit, and course will be basically the same but will not be as fast as the course with the scare zones. So you can pick your route, maybe you will get brave during the race and go through a scare zone, your choice, you pick your course. Good luck!!

Aid Stations

There are unmaned Water station at approximately 2 miles and 5.5miles.


Garmin Connect 7M [Map]


The course is 3.5 miles and 7 miles up and down hills with some flats. The course will be marked with glow sticks about every 100 ft.

​Both races will start at same time and travel the same course. The 3.5 mile racers will seperate from the 7 mile racers at the pond and finish up at the amplitheatre.

The 7 mile racers will continue on and run a different route around the camp. The last 1.2 miles of the race will be the same as the first 1.2 miles but in reverse.

(The first 1.2 miles is a climb. The last 1.2 miles is downhill) The racers will be decending down the last hill and run around the pond and finish up at the amplitheatre.