KT Darkness Falls 10k / 5k

Boyscout Camp Arrowhead
Ona, WV
October 23, 2021


Accurate registration dates and information are forthcoming pending availability and scheduling of the race.

Price Registration Dates
10k / 5k From Until
Kids – $10 // Adults – $15 Open: August 27th, 2021 Close: October 22nd, 2021 Midnight
Kids – $15 // Adults – $20 Race Day

Packet Pick Up

Receive your bib number and extra goodies at the following locations.

Location Date / Time
Shelter beside Amphitheater Race Night
6:00pm-7:30 pm

Start Times

Both races begin at the same time. Participants must attend the pre-race briefing 15 minutes before the start of the races.

Race Start Time
10k / 5k 8:00 pm


There is a time limit to complete the 10K. Participants of the 10k race must be at mile 3.1 by 1 hour in order to be able to continue for the 2nd 3.1 miles.

10k Cutoffs
Location Time
Halfway Point (3.1 miles) 9:00pm (1 hour)
Finish Line 10:00pm (2 hours)



There are NO age groups or overall awards. THIS is simply a FUN RUN! I promise you will have a blast. Just ask someone who has ran it before and see what they tell you!


A bonfire with drinks, s’mores await you at the finish.

Additional Information

Make sure that you have trail running shoes, and a light source. What works best for me is a head lamp combined with a small flash light. The trail is muddy in some places so trail running shoes are vital to help prevent you from slipping. You will follow green glow sticks the entire way. If you don’t see any glow sticks you’re going the wrong way. Don’t pass runners on the river trail.

After the race, there will be a bonfire and S’mores!


We are always looking for volunteers to assist at our races. If you are interested, please read the list of volunteer role descriptions on the Volunteer Page and click below to volunteer at the KT Darkness Falls 10k/5k!

Charity Organization

A portion of the proceeds from this race go towards the upgrades and maintenance of the Kanawha Trace Trail through the support of Friends of Kanawha Trace. The Boy Scouts and Scout Troop leaders will be heavily involved in preparing the trails to transform this hiking trail into a running course.