Kanawha Trace Moonlight Madness 10k / 5k

Boyscout Camp Arrowhead
Ona, WV
May 26th, 2023
Start: 9:00 pm

The Kanawha Trace Moonlight Madness presents a 10k/5k night trail run under the stars and moon. The race is located at the boy scouts’ Camp Arrowhead in Ona, West Virginia and follows the same course as the KT Darkness Falls. It is the 1st of two night trail runs hosted by WVMTR.

Dust off your headlamps and follow the glow!
It’s dark and spooky in the woods just so you know!
Lace up your trail shoes nice and tight!
Be cautious and vigilant and watch for the fright!
Into the woods you will eventually go!
Just follow the light and go with the flow!
Up and down the hills you will flee!
Turn off your lights just for a second to see!
Finish up at the lake and warm up by the fire!
But not too close so you don’t perspire!
Enjoy refreshments until the night ends!
Stick around and make some new friends!
Remember the fun you had in the twilight!
You’re now a trail runner that goes spook in the night!